Our distillery


Théo Preiss, the art of the encounter

The Théo Preiss Distillery is located in Mittelwihr, in the heart of the Alsace vineyards.

Mr Jean Camille Preiss, then a producer of Alsace wines, started a secondary activity : the distillation of fruit from his orchards, as well as Alsace grape marc. He was an ardent defender of a quality policy after the crisis of Phylloxera, a microscopic aphid from America, which threatened to wipe out the Alsatian vineyards.

It was his son Théo Preiss, after 1945, who created a small artisanal distillery. He died prematurely in 1967 and his heirs sold the company to a family member, Mr Jacques BRESCH. In 1979, Mr. André THUET joined him in order to develop new markets.


After a few years of strong personal investment, Mr. THUET became CEO of the distillery. It was then that a new direction was taken: the sale in supermarkets. At that time, the latter had not yet acquired its letters of nobility and it was frowned upon for products with a quality brand image to cohabit the shelves with everyday products.

Today, as the national market leader in packaged eaux-de-vie and largely open to export, the THEO PREISS Distillery has preserved its know-how in the manufacture of its products and developed an efficient production and shipping structure.


We aim above all to produce quality, and it is with good fruit that good brandy is made.
Carefully selected, the fruit collected is fermented under strict control. Our installations are simple, without expensive sophistication, (copper stills of the Charentais type with ironing, heated in a bain-marie), which meet the quality criteria that we demand.