Pear Fruit Gift Set


70 cl decanter with pear inside containing williams pear brandy 45% vol.
To preserve the fruit as long as possible, make sure it is always covered with brandy.

  • Alcohol content : 45°
  • Colour : Transparent


This carafe is a classic gift par excellence.
Very original, it always makes a good impression with its presentation. So how did the pear get into the bottle?
After blossoming, when the fruit is still small and developing, the producer traps the fruit in the decanter and holds it in place with a net. The pear will continue to grow until it is ripe in the decanter.
At harvest time, the fruit is rinsed and preserved in a specific solution until the final bottling in our distillery.
The decanters are then carefully emptied and filled with our williams pear brandy and packed in their box as shown.

Tasting notes

No tasting advice available for this product.