Williams Selection pear brandy


Fruity, round, light and very fine brandy.

  • Alcohol content : 45°
  • Colour : Transparent


The pears come to us mainly from the Rhone Valley and more particularly from the Drôme and Isère valleys where they arrive at full maturity.
It is the favourite brandy of consumers and twice as much is sold as Kirsch. It has seduced the public with its finesse, the delicacy of its aromas which faithfully evoke the musky and generous taste of the fruit. It takes about 28 kilos of fruit to obtain one litre of pure alcohol, or about 2 litres at 45°.
Williams Pear brandy can be left to age for several years, until it acquires the roundness required to bring out its delightful aromas even better.

Tasting notes

No tasting advice available for this product.