Organic Marc de Gewurztraminer brandy


from organic farming. A high quality, fine and fruity Appellation of Controlled Origin eau de vie.

  • Alcohol content : 45°
  • Colour : Transparent


Marc de Gewurztraminer is among the most popular of the Alsace brandies: it is the only one to benefit from an appellation of controlled origin.
This brandy provides a very varied range of gustatory sensations, the rusticity of the marc acting to enhance the aromas specific to Gewurztraminer.
Since our marcs are pressed after de-stemming, the taste quality of this product has been greatly improved as the pungent and raspy flavour that existed previously, when the marcs were pressed with the stalk, has simply been eliminated. It is the Alsatian brandy par excellence which is widely appreciated by many connoisseurs.

Tasting notes

No tasting advice available for this product.
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